Promoting Amateur Golf in Cyprus

November 25, 2020 Print
COVID-19 and Golf in Cyprus

Following enquiries, not only from member Clubs but also from individual players regarding the latest decree announced by the Minister of Health on the COVID-19 pandemic, the CGF wishes to clarify the following:

  1. Travel restrictions imposed by the current decree impact not only the everyday lives of normal people but also golf as well as a number of other sports 
  2. No restrictions have been imposed on how golf is played in the latest decree
  3. Clubs and courses are free to take the necessary safety measures and actions they may deem appropriate for their own circumstances, to protect their membership, courses, and commercial interests
  4. The CGF has decided not to impose any restrictions on how the game is played beyond the recommendations and guidelines as published by the R&A in their update of 29 June 2020, which Clubs are free to interpret and utilise as they see fit.
  5. The CGF will keep its membership informed should future decrees announce by the government impact how the game of golf is played 

25 November 2020

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